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People development is our main strategy for building successful teams. Jungle Devs connects high performance professionals on-demand to the world's leading brands. Our experience has shaped us to become a company that provides expert tech teams and our model allows our partners to scale fast, or ramp down as they need.

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Brazil, United States, Australia, South Africa, Poland, Canada and England



Native, web and hybrid applications

We help companies grow faster

Jungle Devs builds remote digital teams allowing companies to focus on building their product and scaling their business.

Dedicated Teams

We are
your team

We can help our clients through conceptualization, design and development. For that we combine different kinds of expertise like frontend, backend, and design. These experts will work on a project in an hourly-based model.

Extended Teams

We are part of
your team

We provide high-skilled professionals to help scale up a business allowing our partners to speed up their roadmap. We can allocate people in different teams with different stacks. Charging clients a fixed monthly fee.

IP security, ownership and licensing

Our partners have ownership and licensing rights over the software we build them. They are free to use and commercialize it.

Build a tech team with high-skilled professionals from one of the fastest-growing talent networks in Latin America.

Jungle Devs has highly-skilled professionals, with expertise in different areas, who help our partners build leading digital experiences.

Software Engineers

Seasoned Software Engineers with expertise in Django, Node, React, Ruby on Rails, Kotlin and hundreds of other technologies.

Product Designers

Experts UI, UX, Visual, and Interaction designers who work close to dev teams designing beautiful and easy-to-use web and mobile applications.

Project Managers

Digital and technical Project Managers, Scrum Masters, and more people with expertise in numerous managing tools, frameworks, and styles.

Data Engineers

A range of professionals who build systems that collect, manage, and convert raw data into usable information.

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