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We are an English-speaking tech company based in Brazil, working remotely with clients all around the world. We provide companies with high-skilled and quality-oriented tech teams while helping talents thrive in the global market.

Jungle Devs was founded in 2018 by a group of software engineers who wanted to change the way people learn and develop technology in Brazil.

Today, we are more than 100 strong — experienced software engineers, data scientists, product designers, project managers, and many other professionals — all working to deliver our best. While meeting our clients needs we care about designing a growth path for the people who work with us, through a well-structured process of learning and development. We help people grow in their careers. That's how we live our mission.

Group of people working together

Rethink the way people learn and create technology

We have stayed true to our principles from the very beginning. Here we learn every day, and we teach everything we learn. We grow together as a company and as professionals.

Learning environment

Our journey develops talents through an impactful learning experience that nurtures soft and hard skills.

A great team of Achievers

We made remote work easy. We deal with at least 4 hours of timezone overlap. That’s because we have a bilingual team made of passionate people who bring that forward-moving energy to everything they work with.

Scalable teams

Our model is focused on high performance, allowing partners to scale their teams on-demand, or ramp down as needed.

We want to boost our partners' business and our people's careers through Jungle experience.

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